How to Block Anonymous Messages using Yolo on Snapchat?


Yolo is a social networking app which was released for the iOS operating system in May 2019. There are millions of people who are using the Yolo Snapchat app. Many people are using this app And receiving bad questions So that why they want to block Anonymous messages. How to connect Yolo on Snapchat.

block messages on yolo

What is Yolo? How its Work:

Yolo is a social networking app. The app was developed by French start-up Popshow, Inc. using the Snap Kit platform. Creator Gregoire Henrion tells that the growth of YOLO is totally organic I have not done any marketing, and yet it’s currently ranked #1 Position in US Appstore. How to Use Yolo on PC.

Yolo app is a free add-on feature for Snapchat when users connect YOLO to their accounts, they can add a sticker to their Snapchat Story that invites their followers to ask them questions anonymously. In this app, anyone can reply to the answer anonymously. There are many app released in history like, Curious Cat, Yik Yak, Whisper and Secret. Later, Sarahah and TBH. So you can block the user by following given below Guide. Best Question to ask in Yolo Snapchat App.

Block Receiving Messages on Yolo Snapchat Guide:

  1. First of all Open Snapchat on your Mobile Phone.
  2. Now on the Left side Click on Men icon.
  3. Now click on the Gear icon on the top right corner.
  4. Select Send me snaps: scroll to the Who can … section and press the first option Send me snaps.
  5. 5. Select My friend’s option. You will see the following question: Who is allowed to send me snaps? If Everyone is checked, anyone, including strangers, can send you snaps. Choose My friends option.
  6. Press the back button (the arrow in the upper left corner of the screen) to save the settings.

Now that no one can no longer send you snaps, you need to add friends to your contact list to receive messages. This way, you will always be able to receive snaps from your friends and people you know. How to Download Yolo on Android.

If you have any problem regarding how to block stranger messages on yolo snapchat the contact us in comments I will try to reply to you as soon as possible. If you like our article then share with your friends. I hope your friends will also like our article.

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