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My NBA 2K20 is Compain app for NBA 2k20 game. MyNBA2K20 is not just a companion app it’s also a collectible card battling game that you can play directly from your Android device. MyNBA2K20 is also packed with a lot of features, including the ability to scan your face into NBA 2K20 game from your mobile device, And you can also opportunities to earn Virtual Currency. This Face Scan app is released for Android and iOS operating system. You can Download MY NBA 2K20 App from given below link. Also Check Zao the Deepfake app.

mynba2k20 app

Download MY NBA 2K20 App:

You can Download MyNBA2k20 Face scanner app for the NBA 2k20 game. With this app, you can scan your face and use it on NBA 2k20 game. You can download MYNBA2K20 APK and MYNBA2K20 for iPhone, iPad and iOS operating system from given below link.

Android Download iOS Download

How to Scan your Face for MyPlayer in NBA 2K20:

There are many things to do in this Face Scan app but people mostly using this app to create my player with scan your face.

  1. In order to scan your face into NBA 2K20 game you need to have the MyNBA2K20 app downloaded onto a compatible iOS or Android device from the above given link.
  2. Make sure you are set up your MyPLAYER account and connected it to both NBA 2K20 and MyNBA2K20 App.
  3. Now in MyNBA2K20, select “Scan Your Face,” at the bottom of the Profile screen.
  4. Now follow the on-screen prompts with clearly.
  5. Now you are ready to watch your face in the NBA 2k20.

Face Scanning Problem or Error:

If you getting problem or error to scanning your face then you can follow the given below guides it will help you According to 2k.

  1. Make sure your face is in even lighting from the front with as few shadows as possible.
  2. It can be hard to keep your eyes open in direct light.  If you need to blink, stop moving your head so the app will not take any pictures at that moment.
  3. Hold the phone at eye level.
  4. Hold the phone around 18” from your face.
  5. Turn your head slowly to a max of 45 degrees.
  6. Look forward as you turn your head.
  7. As you turn your head, make sure you are not just pointing your chin from side to side.

What is MY NBA 2K20 App:

My NBA 2k20 is a Compain app which is used to scan your face and you can also earn virtual currency and Play daily events. This app is released on September 6, 2019. This app is developed by This app is released for android and ios devices. In this app, you can also create My Player with scanning your face. If you want to create good my player then you need some badges which can make your player good. MYNBA2K20 have a lot of features which is given below. DMX Challenge Celebrity Videos.

MY NBA 2K20 Features:

    • You can scan yourself into NBA 2K20 game on Xbox One and PS4 using your mobile device.
    • In this app, you will get daily opportunities to earn Virtual Currency for NBA 2K20 on Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam, etc.
    • You can also check the daily schedule and upcoming event posters for NBA 2K20 with this app.
    • You can Collect your favorite NBA superstars from the past and present and challenge other gamers across the world in a variety of modes.
    • You can complete daily missions for new rewards.
  • In MyNBA2K20 you can compete for top cards in weekly events including King of the Court, Gauntlet, and Rivals Clash, etc.

So you have any problem regarding using MY NBA 2k20 app or Using MyPlayer then contact us in a comment I will try to help you as soon as possible. If you like our article then share it with your best friends.

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