Is Yolo is Really Anonymous?


Yolo is a Social Networking Anonymous app. Which is Released for iPhone, iPad and Other iOS devices. This app is Developed by Popshow, Inc. This Yolo App is Trending #1 Position after releasing. All ios user like this app. You can download Yolo App by Clicking Here.

Yolo is anonymous

How does Yolo Anonymous App work?

First of all you can download Yolo app by clicking Above link. Now you can install the app. Now you can signup in yolo app, Now login in Yolo app. Now you can open your snapchat and take a picture in the story Now it will ask you question Now you can ask any question about you or about others. Then it will goes to your friends anonymously. Now your friends will give the Answer. So that’s why you can also answer your friend’s question by Anonymously.

Is Yolo Anonymous App is Really Anonymous?

Many People are confused that Yolo is really Anonymous. So my answer is Yes, Yolo is really Fully Anonymous app. So don’t worry about that You can use this freely without any problem.

So if you have any question regarding Yolo app then ask me in comments. I will try to hep you as soon as possible.


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  1. Someone has put some
    Vile comments on someone’s snapchat via yolo about my daughter. Your app is unsafe as you say it’s anonymous therefore messages of harm can be sent and I as a parent am not happy at all!

    • I got a couple very mean comments on mine and it didn’t show the user name I even reported and blocked the person and the person was still messaging me

  2. So, I’ve just installed the app. Had a bit of fun. Then my friend messaged me saying that she used a hack to see who asked her stuff. She said that I had said something which I can honestly say I did not say? Why has it come up with my name?

    • Did you ever find this out? Because the same thing happened to me and I’m being accused of saying something I never wrote

  3. you have to reveal the names of reported comments, there have been many threats towards loved ones on the app.

  4. This article says that Yolo is “fully anonymous,” yet in your privacy policy you say that if a user is suspected of leaving hateful messages you will reveal their identity. If it’s not “fully anonymous” like you say it is, I would like to know what really constitutes as a hateful message.


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