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Yolo is a Social Networking Anonymous app. This app is trending in the app store from May 2. Now On Yolo is the most Downloaded app in the UK and US app store. This app only works with the Snapchat app. In today Article I will guide you How to Use Yolo on Snapchat app. Because many people around the world are confused to use yolo app. One thing keep in mind that Yolo Cannot work alone. You need Snapchat with Yolo to Do Anonymous message to your friends. You can follow given below step by step guide to connect How to Yolo. Also, check: How to Do Anonymous Message on Snapchat.

Use yolo on snapchat

What is Yolo and How its Work?

Yolo is an Anonymous Question app like Sarahah and Lipsi etc. This app has 150,000 plus positive review on iTunes. Users must already have Snapchat on their devices, and then users can connect Yolo on Snapchat. How to Yolo app is published by Popshow. After Research our team finds that Popshow and YOLO were started by Gregoire Henrion, former co-founder and CEO of music video making app Mindie. Yolo is an app that allows the users to post questions or Messages to their Snapchat Stories and receive anonymous replies. This On Yolo app is developed with Snapkit. Snapkit is a snapchat tool to develop the app.You can Download Yolo on Snapchat by clicking below link. How to Send Messages on Yolo Snapchat app.

Download Yolo App on Mobile Phone:

You can download Yolo App on your Phone by clicking below link. Before Downloading Yolo Download Snapchat app. If you have already had snapchat the ignore this step. Now you Can Download Yolo on Your iOS devices by Clicking Below link.

iOS Download Android

How to Use Yolo on Snapchat:

You can follow the given below step guide How to Attach Yolo app on snapchat. After Connecting Yolo you can easily Do anonymous Messages on Snapchat.

  1. Download Yolo App for your iPhone or Android by clicking above link.
  2. Now open Yolo App on your Phone.
  3. Now click Login with Snapchat button.

login with snapchat

4. Now click on the Continue button.

5. Now click on Get Anonymous Messages button.

6. Now type your custom message or question for receiving anonymous messages from Snapchat. You can also customize font and color. After doing all type of customizations, Click on the Share button.

7. Now your post your Snapchat story.

Now your Snapchat followers can ask you anonymous questions or Messages by swiping up your Snapchat story. And You can view those anonymous messages by opening the Yolo App on your phone.

How to Reply on Yolo Snapchat app:

  1. First of all, Open Yolo App on your iPhone/iPad.
  2. Now click on Anonymous Question and after that type your reply to that question.
  3. Now click on the Reply button and You will be redirected to Snapchat.

Is Yolo Actually Anonymous? Does it Reveal your identity?

Yes, According to Yolo Developer Yolo app is Really Anonymous app. Some websites claim that they are revealing the User who sends the anonymous question or messages but that all sites are fraud they are not revealing anything. That site is only for money purpose. On internet, many people are searching for How to reveal the usernames of yolo app and How to check who send messages, etc.

Yolo does not Reveal Your identity Yolo Developer say that in Privacy policy if a user sends harassment messages to their friends then they can reveal the identity.

What are Yolo App Policies?

After Downloading When users sign up for the Yolo app and connect it with their Snapchat account they have to agree to the app’s policies that prohibit abusive behavior in the app.

“By using YOLO App you agree to the terms of service (EULA) and privacy policy. YOLO has no tolerance for objectionable content of abusive users. You will be banned for any inappropriate usage,” says the notice users have to agree to before they can use the app.

So according to me, you can use this app. But don’t send any harassment messages to anyone because sending harassment messages to your follower make him heart. Or maybe Yolo developer reveals your identity.

So if you have any Problem regarding How to Do Yolo on Snapchat article then contact us I will Try to help you as soon as possible. If you like our article How to Yolo with Snapchat then Share it with your friends. I hope your friends will also like our article.

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