Yolo Alternatives for Honest Anonymous Feedback


Anonymity is one of the internet’s greatest offerings. You can easily mask your identity online, while still getting to do and say what you want to. This anonymity lends itself to more honesty since there aren’t repercussions.

A new social network has gone viral, which promises to let you get honest answers to your questions. This app is called Yolo Snapchat App. But it not available for Android so I am sharing alternatives of Yolo app with you. You can check out Yolo Alternatives below.

3 Best Yolo App Alternatives

1. Sarahah

Sarahah is a little informal organization with the reason for giving you a chance to get legit input. To join, you’ll have to include your email address and pick a one of a kind name. You get the chance to impart this name to companions, it isn’t openly accessible. No record can be found by perusing or seeking.

When your companions are associated, they can send you messages namelessly. You won’t know who the message originated from, and you can’t answer it either. You can add a few messages to your top picks, however. Furthermore, obviously, if a companion shares their Sarahah handle, you can send them messages secretly.


2. Sayat

Sayat and Yolo are comparative, however, Sayat offers more. Like Sarahah, you can join in the blink of an eye and get an interesting URL. Offer this URL, and anybody can compose a remark that is sent to your record namelessly.

Sayat additionally gives you a chance to build a particular inquiry for your page. So rather than a conventional “leave input for me”, you can ask something like, “Which negative behavior pattern do I have to break?” This way, Sayat can be useful.

The application additionally gives you a chance to send answers to whoever sent the message. This lone works with enrolled Sayat clients, however. All things considered, the analyst remains mysterious like in Yik Yak. So you can have a legit discussion with a companion without them dreading repercussions.


3. 3Sixty

Workers dread giving legit criticism in view of repercussions. In any case, administrators need and need this legitimate input. 3sixty is the simple answer for this perplexing issue.

The two workers and supervisors can utilize this instrument. Include your job, or include an inquiry. Send it to three individuals to get their contemplations on it — the $5 expert form gives you a chance to send it to boundless individuals. Also, truly, their reactions are totally unknown.

The noteworthy part is that 3sixty stores every one of the reactions as information. So suppose you put your job as “Supervisor” with the goal of “making a sound group condition”. Your colleagues can compose their input here consistently. After some time, you will have a file of all criticism about this one goal in one spot.

These are 3 best alternatives of Yolo app to receive anonymous questions from Snapchat and other social media sites.

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